Tech Cal has very consistently provided high quality calibration services for many of my devices. They are professional, knowledgeable, and have helped me out with repairs of equipment, to prevent our lab from having any downtime.

- Kimberly P.
P.E., HOBAS Pipe USA, Houston, TX

Tech Cal has always answered my needs whether it be a sales order or technical support both promptly and professionally. They have even designed and custom built recorders for me when asked. Great guys to work with!!!

- Scott B.
Mountaineer Gas Company, Charleston, WV

I have the smallest amount of work available for Tech-Cal: A backflow gauge has to be inspected for calibration each year. They treat me so well and do the work quickly like I was a big customer. They work hard and are some smart young people. I hope they can keep it up.

- Danny S.
The Shilk Co., Katy, TX

I have nothing but the utmost praise for Tech Cal – Service is
impeccable and they are always ready to help.

- Darrell C.
Reliable Pumps Consultants, Inc., Houston, Tx

Tech Cal has provided me good service and quality work.

- Bryan S.
Watkins Construction, Corsicana, TX